Sunday, 30 June 2013


i revisited the lovely 'little miss vivi' pattern recently & knitted up anther one for little O, this time in some grey patons 'cotton rope' aran, i truly love this pattern, it's such a sweet knit for a little tom boy, super cute but it won't get in the way of all the messing about she gets up to! i will knit more, i have it in mind to knit one up for her to wear to school {just need to find the right shade of green first} my ravely details are here & the rainbow wooden buttons were from etsy

another little miss another little miss another little miss another little miss


  1. That's really sweet - is it really just as the pattern but inside out? Tempted to make one for my daughter!

  2. How lovely! And it would make a wonderful school cardi - soooo much nicer than those cheaply made ones on the high

  3. That is so lovely! I am due another school cardy in red so I think I will give it a try - when I get all these other WIPS out of the way. Jo x