Saturday, 13 July 2013


the mad rush towards the end of term is well under way, i finished yesterday, with mixed emotions, looking forward to the summer break & time with my family & a little sadness at saying goodbye to the children i work with who are moving onto big school in September {from which i received some beautiful gifts} so today is about resting & finding some quiet time in the shade with a small project & making some plans for fun things to do with my two when then break up next week
{also a huge thanks to 'chrissie crafts' for the loan of the belle & book book of craft, it has found it's way onto my bithday wishlist!}
knitting for winter blooms


  1. Teacher gifts are always a mixed bag. I once received a slab of Grolsch which was left by my car by one family - Brilliant! Your flowers are far more sophisticated. Jo x

  2. Hope the birthday fairy brings you the book - I want to try sooo many things from it! I am loving the colour of that

  3. Pretty, pretty flowers... I do miss home being filled with flowers - and having to find enough vases and jam jars! - for the first few weeks of the school holiday. How lovely to now have a few days of gentleness between you starting your holidays and children finishing next week...